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Winning is a universal action that is available to everyone. A variety of clients have experienced and benefitted from the WIN programs, from non-profit groups to retail, banks, pharmaceutical, nursing and mining.

Quaker Oats Company

"I was impressed and appreciative of the time you took to understand the audience and the business environment that we face, so that you could align the challenges that you experienced on your trips with those that we face everyday. You certainly presented us with many relevant insightful and thought provoking ideas and suggestions."

Mark Welch, VP Sales


“Jeff, engaging your services and launching our “Race to $170 Million” was critically important. Really what we needed to do was build a mission around success, a goal of getting to that number. I was amazed at the determination and importance that our group put around this race and we did achieve our “Race to $170 Million”.”

International Platform Association

“Our audience, because it has seen and heard most of the great speakers and performers, is more sophisticated and critical than the average audience. You were at the very top of our audience poll – scoring 100 percent. This gives every assurance that as you received a favourable response, you will get an even greater one from the average audience throughout the country.”

John Labatt

“Everyone who attended your early morning presentation was absolutely knocked out and this comes from a broad cross-section of individuals.”   

VP, Canadian Living

“Jeff’s credibility as one who has put his working philosophy to practice in his own life resonated with our management team and set the stage for a productive experience.”

Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.

"On behalf of the Planning Committee and the leadership of the SRNA, RPNAS and SALPN - please accept my sincere thanks for an extraordinary day. You touched everyone in the room with your stories and your insightful message about winning for yourself and for your team (often one in the same). Your care in planning and attention to detail was impeccable - I don't think I have ever seen such extraordinary effort to making it work - you left nothing to chance."

Merrill Lynch

"Your determination, perseverance and commitment to excel in the face of tremendous challenges represent the finest example of the true potential in us all. Indeed, we are better people by having had the opportunity of being exposed to your shining evidence of excellence in the pursuit of a dream."



"Everyone agreed that Jeff related to the audience very well and in fact reminded us that there really is adventure to be had for those who are willing to translate their dreams into action."

Kay Blair, Executive Director, MicroSkills Development Centre

“Hello Jeff, let me express our sincere thank you for a wonderful team building session. Everyone was so excited with your work and have all indicated that we should continue to work with you.”

Jones Brown

Insurance Brokers and Consultants

Jeff, Thank you for making Jones Brown a Better Firm!

Great Meeting - Awesome Seminar - Great to be part of the "Dream"

A Huge Thanks. - Great Day of Challenge - Great Presentation- Thanks for everything It was fabulous - Great Fun. You are an inspiring  Individual - Course Correction! - Fantastic!- A Great Experience!

Jeff, Amazing Time!

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