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WIN Productions

It’s easy to lose a conference, but Jeff and his team will make sure you win. With over 20 years of hard won experience  Jeff can produce your entire conference, or any aspect that you want. From video productions, full AV, master of cerimonies, photography, energizing music to WIN Sessions. Jeff and his team will provide motivation and energy throughout the meeting or conference.


You will leave the conference perhaps thinking a little differently about your company and its goals, and your goals, raising your expectations and achievements.

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Conference Benefits:

  • Incredible value including AV, Show Production all together

  • Run by a team with experience of 2,000 Programs in 26 Countries.


Conference Highlights:

  • Jeff MacInnnis’ 90-second WIN The Conference launch.

  • Professional photography and AV management throughout the conference.

  • Daily morning videos of the previous day’s photographs set to high impact music.

  • Closing WIN Thinking Keynote from Jeff MacInnnis to send the participants off to win at a higher level with all the new knowledge and networks from the conference

  • Final Video of entire event.

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